Salting / Ice Control Services in Richmond

In the vicinity of Richmond, it is quite common during the winters that snow gets deposited on the roads. During these crucial times, our clients call us up since our salting or ice control methods have been quite beneficial in removing all of the road blockades during heavy snowfall. If salting is done before snowfall, then chances of a roadblock would get significantly reduced.

It is known by almost everyone that salt decreases the freezing point of ice and thus eventually converts it into liquid state. This characteristic of salt helps in getting rid of snow easily and helps the local people to carry out their daily activity without any hassle.

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After the initial snow is completely removed from the streets, salting is done so that no more salt accumulates on the surface. We are offering Salting Services in Richmond from many years. Eventually, snowfall does not cause a road blockade anymore since the salt applied to the streets melts the ice. This helps in the reduction of accidents caused due to slipping and falling because of the snow which would have accumulated on the streets otherwise. Many areas in the Richmond area has been safe, all thanks to this technique. We do get over 10 phone calls or emails every day during the peak winters and we also try to complete off each and every job of ours within the end of the day.

Ice Control

Our ice control services Richmond do not let any sorts of ice to accumulate on streets. Our reliable de-icing technique allow people to park their vehicles without any problem as well as no ice accumulates in the doorways of the residents. Our anti-icing technique has helped a lot of our clients through many years both in the residential areas as well as commercial areas. We do save a lot of people from accidents with our procedures.


Salt has de-icing properties. It makes the ice melt quickly than any other element. Sand on the other hand does not has any de-icing properties.

Our professional staff has been doing their job quite nicely for the past few years and has not received even a single complaint regarding any problems. Therefore, you can totally rely on our workers that they would do their job perfectly.

The charge for our ice control services is completely area dependent. So, call us right away to avail the services and we would provide you with the best offers ever!

Ice causes slippery roads which might cause a lot of accidents! Therefore, ice control is important nonetheless.

De-icing can be done by simply putting salt over on the surface where the maximum ice accumulates.

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